Our lives are all stories, and work should be the most fulfilling one.

We help businesses delight people, and that mission begins with our own team.

"Acting as the connecting dot between various businesses and the esteemed clientele, our value system, which tends to be our guiding light, paves us to be both pragmatic & sensitive at the same time.

The incessant flow of vivid & innovative ideas keep us at our feet, and the busy StoryXpress boardroom never lets the ecosystem become stale, thanks to the ever inexhaustible supply of coffee.

Teams at StoryXpress are encouraged to take collective responsibility of their projects; at the same time enjoying all the creative liberties to tackle the given topic in their preferred style.

Our folks never fail to leave their respective insignias on the work they undertake and this speaks volumes about the kind of culture we have at StoryXpress."

What We Value

As a company, we live and work by these core values. In our mission to help businesses humanize relationships with their audiences, we have distilled our company culture down to these fundamental tenets.



Give first


We bring stories to life.

For us, the perfect company culture is the right mix of sharing knowledge, relishing the good times and being supportive of one another.

Culture & Benefits

Innovation & Creativitiy

The expression of creativity is best fostered in an inclusive environment. At StoryXpress, every concern, idea and question is heard, leading to a pool of bold objectives, which are constantly revised by mock product demos and end to end testing. Each employee is assigned the problems they find most compelling, aligning the team to a common end goal, which is, to enrich user experience.

- Jibin Joseph

Customer Satisfaction

I think constant challenges help you grow more with time. Working with StoryXpress is all about facing challenges and overcoming them. This also keeps the motivation level high for me. The encouraging work environment surely provides me a wonderful learning experience! I am on my toes, finding ways to keep our customers happy. Because at the end of the day, it all comes down to solving their problems and learning. Further, I make sure that all queries are answered in a clear manner which ultimately leads to Customer Satisfaction.

- Tamana Mittal

Take ownership

We have a poster of Steve Jobs on our office wall that says "The only way to do great work is to love what you do". This quote reflects my inner passion for building world-class technologies for our clients. Since my joining, I have seen the company grow multifolds in terms of technology, team, and revenue. The work environment at StoryXpress challenges you every day to do bigger and better. Also, we have these long brainstorming sessions, where we take everyone’s opinions into account and come up with some really innovative ideas for products.

- Anuj Ladia

Work-life balance

I like to keep my personal and professional life separate, and am very particular about that. There are a lot of things I pursue beyond the office hours, and I wouldn’t want to compromise on my life after or before office. StoryXpress understands that, and respects and gives every individual a fine mental & emotional space. We have a pretty flexible work culture at the place that nurtures people freely, smartly and at their own pace.

- Ackansha Deoli

Team Outings

An organization's culture speaks for a company's personality. Team outings or fun activities add spark to that while providing the balance. It helps in making positive relations within the team. Getting a chance to know our colleagues and spend happy hours with them create a healthy bond. Besides, the good food that the team connects over is like a cherry on the cake!

- Anjali Verma

Global Exposure

StoryXpress has a client-base from across the globe, which includes MNC's like Target, Johnson & Johnson. We provide assurance of delivering high -quality work and support to all our clients. As a marketer, keeping track of trends from around the world and planning content creation for a global audience has been a great learning experience. In a short period of time I have learned a lot about retail, SaaS and the digital industry that's constantly evolving.

- Ankita Kumari